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Otto Bock Simplicity Tapaered PUR Cushion Liner


Otto Bock Simplicity Tapaered PUR Cushion Liner

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Product Overview
Polyurethane liner with a tapered wall, designed for patients of all activity levels.

Made of skin-friendly polyurethane to ensure even pressure distribution and high shock absorption
Wall thickness of 6 mm in the distal area (up to 10 cm) tapers to 3 mm in the proximal direction for additional protection of the residual limb
Floating effect maintains a precise, comfortable fit
Available with Skinguard antibacterial additive
Available with or without a textile cover
Suitable for all residual limb types, especially sensitive, bony, and/or scarred residual limbs
Ideal for use with an exhaust valve and sealing sleeve or with the Harmony vacuum volume management system


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