About Us

Who We Are

Adaptive Direct is your comprehensive provider for all your compression needs.

From stockings to sleeves, we are here to help you get the products you need. Big box stores and other vendors may have some selection, but often times you have to wait for the garments to be shipped to you even after being fitted. We are here to expedite the process and take the visit to the vendor out of the equation. 

Here at Adaptive Direct, you can just select and wait for your stockings to be shipped right to your door. Our selection is unbeatable, and we are here to get your orders out in a timely fashion.

You can explore compression garments from a our extensive collection here

Thank you for checking us out and we are excited to receive your order!

Why Choose Us

  • Seamless and hassle free shopping experience
  • A large collection of all kinds of Compression Garments
  • Timely shipping to your doorstep
  • Your satisfaction is our priority
 For any questions, feel free to write to us at info@adaptivedirect.com