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Comfort Softwick Half Sock


Comfort Softwick Half Sock

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Product Overview
If you have ever received that call late on a Saturday night, you will never forget it. You cut off an old sock and put a hole in the distal end so that you could fill in some volume distally on your patient’s liner. Then the sock unraveled late on a Saturday night and your patient could not get out of their prosthesis, so they called you. Sound familiar?

The SoftWick™ Prosthetic Half Sock™ from Comfort Products is the solution to this problem with managing distal volume. The distal hole is knit right into the sock to ensure a proper fit, without unraveling, every time. The CoolMax® and Lycra construction stretches to accommodate a multitude of shapes. Four sizes ensure a proper fit for almost any application. The color band knit into each sock allows easy size identification.


Manages distal volume
Stretches to accommodate various shapes
Four sizes available
Color band for easy identification


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