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Comfort BK Tube Sock


Comfort BK Tube Sock

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Product Overview
The Comfort Ag Prosthetic Stretch Sock is like no other prosthetic sock available on the market! The Ag is made using CoolMax® fabric plaited with X-Static® silver. The CoolMax® wicks moisture away from the body to help keep the wearer dry and comfortable. Silver is a natural anti-microbial, eliminating odor causing bacteria and fungi. Having X-Static® silver directly against the skin allows the wearer to receive maximum anti-microbial protection.


All cotton construction provides maximum moisture absorption
Terry lined for good comfort
Low profile seam above toe area for additional comfort
Reversible, and can be worn with either the smooth side or the cushioned side against the skin
Ideal for wearing multiple layers to achieve desired thickness
Air float terry construction allows the sock to breathe
An ideal companion to the Comfort sheath
Conveniently available in packages of six, with each sock individually wrapped


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