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Willow Wood Alpha SmartTemp Gel TF Liner


Willow Wood Alpha SmartTemp Gel TF Liner

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Product Overview
Sweat and heat within a prosthetic liner are long-standing complaints among amputees as they can lead to suspension security and limb health issues. Clinicians may address these issues with the Alpha SmartTemp Gel TF Liner featuring WillowWood’s proprietary blend of TPE gel and heat absorption technology. This technology allows the liner to absorb and store heat from a residual limb and delay the onset of sweat. The liner releases the stored heat as the body cools down, stabilizing the skin temperature to keep an amputee comfortable all day. With the reduction of sweat within the liner, chafing and skin breakdown on the residual limb may be reduced along with suspension security concerns.

The liner utilizes one-way stretch Select fabric to control pistoning without the need of a distal matrix while allowing circumferential stretch for easy donning. The Select fabric provides gentle tissue compression without placing uncomfortable pressure on the residual limb. Available in a Symmetrical AK profile, the Alpha SmartTemp Gel TF Liner may be rotated to extend the life of the liner and will retrofit with other transfemoral Alpha® Liners of the same profile, size and distal end.

Features and Benefits:

Proprietary blend of TPE gel and heat absorption technology
Absorbs and stores heat from residual limb
Select fabric controls pistoning


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