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Willow Wood Alpha Classic AK Cushion Liner


Willow Wood Alpha Classic AK Cushion Liner

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Alpha Classic AK Liners with the AK Profile accommodate the often sensitive areas of transfemoral residual limbs with a specific gel style and the incorporation of skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based classic Alpha Classic Gel. The liner, offered in cushion and locking, has 9 mm of gel distally, tapering to 3 mm proximally—with a built-in gel pad to protect the often-sensitive femur. This extra gel pad provides a total of 9 mm of gel at the distal lateral aspect of each liner.
The Alpha Spirit Fabric used for Alpha Classic AK Cushion Liners is unique in its ability to flex during donning or doffing. Alpha Classic AK Cushion Liners may be used with a Velcro®-like material for added security. Alpha Classic AK Liners are heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to easily stretch the liners.
Unique AK Gel Profile adds comfort for transfemoral amputees
Skin-friendly, mineral-oil based Alpha Classic Gel contains Vitamin E
Available in Locking and Cushion styles


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