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Thermo-Ply Encore Meridian Sleeve


Thermo-Ply Encore Meridian Sleeve

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Product Overview
The Meridian Sleeve was created to meet the demand of active users. Designed with an internal sleeve protector this sleeve is comfortable and highly durable- perfect for the active patient.

The Meridian Sleeve is offered with Relax gel, our softer blend of thermoplastic gel.
The Relax Gel is designed for comfort and offers a softer and more forgiving feel, whether in motion or at rest.

The Meridian Sleeve is manufactured with high performance textiles both internally and externally. The result is a sleeve that feels smooth and luxurious, but is capable of withstanding long term wear.

Features and Benefits:

Internal Sleeve Protector
Increased Cushion and Comfort
Highly Active Users

Measured at mid-patella


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