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Syncor Heavy Duty Durasleeve


Syncor Heavy Duty Durasleeve

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Product Overview
Complex engineering has produced a simple solution for trans-tibial prosthesis suspension: the Syncor Durasleeve Heavy-Duty Below-the-Knee Suspension Sleeve. This sleeve has all the features of the regular Syncor Durasleeve BK Suspension Sleeve, along with a thicker design that grants it additional security in order to meet the needs of exceptionally active below knee amputees.

The Durasleeve air-tight hypobaric suction environment is virtually fail-safe, with the interior neoprene lining glued together for uncompromised, air-tight integrity. Its design ensures durability, with a construction that uses the highest quality neoprene and an exterior with reinforced, color-matched, blind-stitching that assures a sturdy sleeve. The exclusive, patented friction-control panel between the socket and the sleeve minimizes wear on the primary sleeve material while minimizing bulk. This sleeve also features a preflexed knee design is naturally shaped with no seams for reduced pressure on the knee cap, along with back of knee contouring that reduces bunching for increased comfort.

The Syncor Durasleeve doesn’t require any seminars to learn how to use, and with so many choices, it is the simplest and most effective below knee suspension sleeve. Its proven reliability, unmatched quality, and competitive prices are why more and more prosthetists use Durasleeve for cost-effective ease of use and comfort to make their clients successful.


15° initial flexion produces a contoured area for patella (knee cap) and increases sitting comfort and suspension during full extension
Lycra reinforcement panel reduces wear at socket to sleeve interface
Airtight; no seam over patella (knee cap) or over stress prone area
3/16″ thickness for extra durability and added security


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