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ST&G Eclipse Suspension Sleeve


Product Overview
The NEW Eclipse Suspension Sleeve provides extreme durability and comfort for your patient. Imagine not having to replace suspension sleeves every 3 months. A unique combination of materials and smart design,ST&G has created a superior suspension sleeve that offers high performance and secure fit.

Reinforced silicone and strategically located Parylene® coating provides maximum durability.
Dual sleeve design with non-slip inner strip of surface provides a maximum airtight seal which eliminates slippage.
This revolutionary patent pending design helps keep the sleeve in place even during the most strenuous activity.
Depending on activity,the outer Eclipse sleeve easily folds down over itself to reduce the length.
The Parylene® coating does not inhibit knee flexion which allows for excellent performance and comfort.
The Eclipse offers a platinum cured medical grade silicone with a Parylene® surface which reduces surface friction between the sleeve and skin helping in the prevention of skin shear for fragile skin and blister reduction.
The smooth and silky coating allows for clothing to naturally hang and not bunch up.


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