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Otto Bock Basic TPE Liner


Otto Bock Basic TPE Liner

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Product Overview
Locking liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel and distal no-stretch matrix
A cylindrical shaped, textile-covered liner made from a thermoformable copolymer, ideal for use with a full contact socket:

Ideal for use in combination with an exhaust valve and sealing sleeve or lock/lanyard
Textile coating has no exterior seams that could separate
Made of moldable thermoplastic material (thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE) for use with atypical residual limb shapes
10mm distal cushion pad and wall thickness tapering from 5mm to 3mm proximal for protection against socket forces
Copolymer contains medical grade mineral oil to moisturize dry skin and an antioxidant that traps free radicals and hydroxyl groups
For below-knee amputees with low to moderate activity levels
Available with or without distal connector for use with shuttle lock systems and valve systems


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Otto Bock