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ESP Aegis TF Silicone Liner


ESP Aegis TF Silicone Liner

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Product Overview
The AEGIS TF (transfemoral silicone liner) is a high quality cost effective alternative for the above knee amputee.
The AEGIS TF is made with a durable silicone formula that is soft and abrasion resistant.
Its shape and thin profile are such that it may retro-fit into existing socket designs.
2 NEW SIZES: 22cm & 26cm (fitting 24-32cm limb circumfrences)
3mm Thick
Retro-fit into Existing Socket Designs
5 Sizes Locking or Cushion Versions
Integrated Distal Matrix to Minimize Elongation (Locking Version)
Flexible Shuttle Umbrella (Locking Liners)
Durable Fabric Cover
VERY Competitively Priced


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