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ESP Aegis Seal-Pro TT Liner


ESP Aegis Seal-Pro TT Liner

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Product Overview
The ESP Seal-Pro Liner is the perfect solution for High Vacuum, Standard Suction Socket and Shuttle Lock Applications.
The Seal-Pro is made of soft, durable silicone, in Transtibial (Seal-Pro TT) and Transfemoral (Seal-Pro TF) versions.
The Seal-Pro liner is available uncovered or with CUSTOMIZED cover length to YOUR specifications.
Seal-Pro Transtibial Liners with fabric come standard with proximal 3” uncovered. If custom fabric is desired, please provide description at time of order.
High Vacuum Sockets
Standard Suction Sockets
Patients Requiring Extra Proximal Circumferential Stretch
Shuttle Lock Suspension
ALL Activity Levels / K1-K4


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