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Willow Wood Alpha Hybrid Select BK Locking Liner


Willow Wood Alpha Hybrid Select BK Locking Liner

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Product Overview
The Alpha Hybrid Liner allows for easy bending and flexing of the knee, controlled pistoning, and easy donning. Its Hybrid Gel is perfectly paired with a one-way stretch fabric that effectively controls pistoning without incorporating a distal matrix. This fabric, engineered exclusively for WillowWood, allows circumferential stretch, yet maintains liner elongation within specified limits. A flexible panel incorporates an abrasion-resistant fabric allowing the limb to easily flex without pulling and tightening at the knee. This panel and the thin gel behind the knee allows for comfort while sitting or bending for extended periods of time. A new socket should be fabricated for best use of the Alpha Hybrid Liner with progressive gel style. The Alpha Hybrid Liner with uniform gel style is a solution for amputees currently wearing a 6 mm uniform Alpha Classic Liner with Original fabric and want to experience the benefits of this new liner.

Product Highlights:

Alpha Hybrid Locking Liners control pistoning without a distal matrix
Alpha Hybrid Cushion Liners are ideal for use with elevated vacuum suspension
Hybrid Gel combines durability & comfort
Accordion umbrella on Alpha Hybrid Locking Liners blends with patient anatomy
Broad range of comfortable knee flexion
Retrofitable options in locking and cushion styles


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