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Otto Bock AeroLink Hybrid Liner


Otto Bock AeroLink Hybrid Liner

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Product Overview
The AeroLink system is used with the first hybrid liner by Ottobock.
Joined using a special process, the AeroLink Hybrid Liner combines two linermaterials and their favourable properties.
The interior is made of polyurethane and protects the residual limb and bony structures thanks to its shock absorbing characteristics.
At the same time, it ensure optimum pressure distribution across the entire residual limb, both for passive and active generation of the vacuum.
The outside of the liner and the integrated vacuum flap are made of silicone, proven in everyday use thanks to its robustness.
This isparticularly important when the vacuum flap is folded over the inner socket to create an airtight seal for the system.

Connection: without distal connection
Wall Thickness: from approx. 6mm distally, tapering to 2.5mm proximally
Sizes: (in mm, circumference 4cm from distal)
Length: (in mm, distance from Tuberositas Tibiae to residual limb end) The next shorter length is chosen.
Order Example: 6Y100 = Size (280) x Length (125)


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