Ossur Iceross Seal-In X TT



Ossur Iceross Seal-In X TT

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Product Overview
* The Seal-In Rings are sold separately

Providing advanced Seal-In technology for a wider range of users, Iceross Seal-In X is easier to invert and don, even for less active users who may have hand dexterity issues.

The sleeveless design features a separate seal ring, which can be flexibly positioned for optimum suction regardless of limb shape. It can also be moved as necessary throughout the day for added comfort. Special seamless fabric elongates appropriately over the patella for knee flexion, while the soft, yet durable silicone blend helps nurture potentially fragile skin. The modular nature of the product makes selection easier, enhancing inventory control. Seal rings can also be renewed as required, without the need for a new liner.

Seal-In X technology is ideal for use with Össur’s Unity vacuum system.


Active Skin Care
Fabric Cover
Silken Inner Surface


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