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Comfort Endurance Suspension Sleeves


Comfort Endurance Suspension Sleeves

Product Overview
Comfort Endurance™ Suspension Sleeves are made of a higher grade neoprene than most of the Neoprene suspension sleeves available on the market. It is easy to distinguish the higher quality when you take time to feel an Endurance™ suspension sleeve and compare it to others. It has a much smoother feel, and is a tougher and more durable neoprene material than most others. Endurance™ sleeves also have a rugged outer nylon cover. Every Endurance™ suspension sleeve is manufactured using an intensive blind stitching and gluing process that greatly reduces seam failure. With three styles and two stock colors available, there is an Endurance™ sleeve that is right for everybody! Custom colors are also available for an additional charge.

Comfort Endurance ZipSleeves

The Comfort ZipSleeve is the newest addition to the family of Comfort Endurance™ Suspension Sleeves. ZipSleeves “add a little zip” for geriatric patients who may be wearing a neoprene suspension sleeve. Gone are the days for the geriatric patient with the struggle of tugging and rolling endlessly to get their sleeve in place. Simply zip it up!

Comfort Endurance CRITERION

The CRITERION features a smooth skin lining that gives superior comfort against the skin and reduces the chance for popliteal bunching. For patients without strenuous activity levels, the CRITERION is an excellent choice for comfort and durability. For highly active patients, try the Endurance™ SPORT. For geriatric patients, try the Endurance™ ZipSleeve.

Comfort Endurance SPORT

The SPORT has all of the features of the CRITERION with the added benefit of a nylon lined center section to reduce abrasion. This design allows the sleeve to give excellent suspension in even the most demanding of conditions. For patients with less active lifestyles, try the Endurance™ CRITERION. For geriatric patients, try the Endurance™ ZipSleeve


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