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Willow Wood TT One Sleeve


Willow Wood TT One Sleeve



Designed for use with the WillowWood One® TT System, the One Sleeve is a pre-flexed internal sleeve that allows for a comfortable fit without limiting the knee’s range of motion. The fabric is adhered to the proximal and distal areas of the sleeve but left loose in between to allow for knee flexion without creating friction on the knee. The non-fabric-covered proximal portion of the sleeve may be trimmed to suit patient needs. Additionally, this pre-flexed silicone sleeve does not bunch behind the knee, ensuring when standing, sitting or bending.
Unique among WillowWood’s sleeve products, the ‘fins’ on the One Sleeve establish an airtight seal between the flexible and the laminated sockets when used as part of the WillowWood One TT System.


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