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Willow Wood Express BK locking And Cushion Liner


Willow Wood Express BK locking And Cushion Liner

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Product Overview
WillowWood’s Express Liner is a softer-durometer silicone that replicates the feel and comfort of TPE gel liners.
The platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone contains skin-friendly Vitamin E to foster a healthy limb environment.
And true to WillowWood form, no messy lotions or creams are necessary to don the liner.
The soft silicone of the Express Liner is covered in durable Original fabric to help extend the life of the liner.
The specifics for this liner are: uniform profile, 6 mm silicone thickness, and Orignal or Select fabrics.
Size offerings are limited to Medium, Medium Plus, Large, and Large Plus.
Availability is based on demand.
Product Highlights:
Retrofits with Alpha Classic & Hybrid Liners with Uniform Profiles
Uses a custom silicone that is formulated specifically for gel liner wearers
Available in Cushion and Locking


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Dark Grey/Green, Original Buff


Willow Wood