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Willow Wood Alpha Hybrid AK Locking Liner


Product Overview
The Alpha Hybrid AK Liner with symmetrical gel style features hybrid gel which has a higher durometer that combines durability with comfort.
The liner features 9 mm distal gel thickness and 2.5 mm anterior/posterior gel thickness.
The symmetrical design allows the liner to be rotated for extended wear.
The liner utilizes one-way stretch fabric for controlled pistoning without a rigid distal matrix and provides tissue compression without uncomfortable pressure on the limb.
The locking version features an accordion-style umbrella that blends with a patient’s anatomy for an almost unnoticeable feeling.
Alpha Hybrid AK Locking Liner controls pistoning without a distal matrix
Hybrid Gel is skin-friendly and resists excessive elongation
The Symmetrical Profile allows the liner to be rotated to increase liner longevity
Available in locking and cushion
Uses Hybrid Gel


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