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Thermo-Ply Encore Prime Sleeve


Thermo-Ply Encore Prime Sleeve

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Product Overview
The Prime Sleeve is designed for increased durability and comfort. This is achieved through the use of a new high performance technical fabric that provides a better gel bond. Thermoplastic gel enriched with medical grade mineral oil ensures comfort for the lifetime of the product.

The Prime Sleeve is offered in two unique blends of thermoplastic gel, both specifically engineered for different levels of comfort and performance.
The Active Gel is designed for activity and is highly responsive. Choose Active Gel for all-day performance and a high level of control during movement.
The Relax Gel is designed for comfort, and offers a softer and more forgiving feel, whether in motion or at rest.

The Prime Sleeve uses a high performance technical fabric that feels smooth and luxurious, but is capable of withstanding long term wear.

Features and Benefits:

Increased Durability
Longer Length
11 Sizes
4 Natural Tone Colors

Measured at mid-patella


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Beige, Black, Brown, Tan