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Syncor Durasleeve EZ


Syncor Durasleeve EZ

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Product Overview
Finally, an easy-to-apply solution for trans-tibial suspension! In response to Prosthetists’ requests, the Syncor Durasleeve EZ Below Knee Suspension Sleeve has been designed for below-the-knee amputees with limited dexterity. This sleeve is more durable and economical than many other silicone sleeves, and it is applied with the same ease. It is constructed from cream-colored Hypalon, which makes it less likely to cause skin irritation.


Most Appropriate for Functional Levels K1 and K2
Air-tight Hypobaric Suction Environment for Virtually Fail-safe Suction
Exclusive, Patented Friction-control Panel Between Socket & Sleeve to Minimize Wear
Smoothly covers prosthesis, making it less obtrusive beneath clothing
Reinforced, Color-matched Blindstitching
Back of Knee Contouring to Reduce Bunching and Increase Comfort
Pre-flexed Knee with No Seams for Reduced Pressure on the Patella


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