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Silipos Double Socket Gel Liner


Silipos Double Socket Gel Liner

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Product Overview
ComfortZone™ Gel Liners offer the highest level in quality, protection, and comfort. ComfortZone™ Gel Liners offer maximum protection with 3mm thick medical grade mineral oil gel. The Double Socket gel liner is designed to provide maximum mobility and protection by comfortably conforming around the bony prominence of the Below-Knee (Trans-Tibial) residual limb. The Double Socket Gel Liner is a two-layered (5 ply) prosthetic liner with Silipos® gel inside the two layers. The gel liner is adaptable with most prosthetic socket designs and is washable and reusable. The Double Socket gel liner is manufactured out of 100% CoolMax® material. ComfortZone™ Gel Liners are also available in Single Socket and Ultra Cushion styles.

5 ply, 3mm gel
Two layers of CoolMax® fabric
Tapered shape
Prevents abrasion and skin breakdown
Optimum cushion and protection
Ease of mobility
Latex free and hypoallergenic