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Otto Bock Derma Prevent, Package of 6


Otto Bock Derma Prevent, Package of 6

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Protective coating to prevent chafing and contact with allergens

Features and Benefits:

Prevents chafing
Inhibits contact with external allergens
Covers irritated skin with a protective film coating
Helps make the skin soft and supple
Reduces perspiration and eliminates odor
Size: 6 bottles, 100 ml each
The skin of prosthesis and orthosis wearers is subjected to particularly high stresses. Protection and regeneration are especially important here. Derma functional accessories are free of preservatives, dyes and perfumes – making them a perfect solution for sensitive skin. To keep you active with as little restriction as possible.

For people wearing a prosthesis or orthosis, unavoidable mechanical stresses can have
adverse effects on the skin’s function. There is often a close correlation between these causes and effects.

The main problems are:

Pain with pressure and friction, soreness
Build-up of perspiration and odor
Damage to the skin‘s protective and immune functions
Excessive hygiene or incorrect cleansing of the weakened skin


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