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JoViPak Rehab Rotator Cuff


Designed to provide comfort and support for the rotator cuff region, this product is helpful for stabilizing the AC or gleno-humeral separation. In addition to the benefits it provides for the joint, the Rotator Cuff is an ideal garment to consider for a lymphedema patient who has swelling proximal to a daytime arm sleeve. When swelling is present in the shoulder and across the superior chest wall, consider pairing this garment with a full arm sleeve for a night time management system.

Additionally, a Rotator Cuff JoViJacket is available in nylon & spandex SUPER Powernet. JoviJackets are highly recommended to complete this two-part garment system – the additional compression is needed for maximum fit & effectiveness.

Made of Organic Cotton & Spandex.


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Black, Ivory



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