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JoViPak Mini Axilla Pad


JoViPak Mini Axilla Pad

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The Mini-Axilla Pad provides compression into the axilla and has a small Continuous Flow extension. This product was developed specifically for a researcher doing clinical trials on the use of the Bellisse® (exclusively distributed by JOBST®) in patients with seromas. This loose-fill pad is to be worn secured under a Bellisse® (exclusively distributed by JOBST®) or a sport or compression bra.

Sizing is based on band measurement: Small 76.3 – 86.4cm (30 – 34″), Medium 91.4 – 101.6cm (36 – 40″), Large 106.7 – 111.8cm (42 – 44″), XLarge 116.8 – 127cm (46 – 50″)

Made of Polartec® Power Dry®.


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