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JoViPak Chin Strap – Extended


JoViPak Chin Strap – Extended

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The Chin Strap – Extended is designed to address edema of the neck, the mandible, and the lateral aspects of the head and behind the ears.

Velcro® straps at the neck and the top of head (occipital) can be adjusted to patient’s comfort level. The easily adjustable straps allow the patient to be comfortable during various stages of his/her condition and makes wearing the product overnight more pleasant.

ImportantThis garment is not padded. There is an open seam at the neck designed for placement of a treatment-related insert. An insert is necessary for maximum fit and therapeutic effectiveness. While the type of insert is dependent on the condition of the patient, JOBST® JoViPak® recommends the Neck Pad €“ Peri-Auricular for this garment.

Made of Organic Cotton & Spandex (Ivory)


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