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ESP Flexisleeve


ESP Flexisleeve

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Product Overview
ESP created the Flexi Suction Suspension Sleeves as a comfortable, durable and cost effective alternative to straight suspension sleeves.
Used with or without a BK Suction Valve.
Flexi Suspension Sleeves provide a secure connection of the prosthesis to the limb and are shaped to allow for natural, unrestricted movement.
Maximum Comfort and Mobility for All Levels of Activity
Heavy Duty 3/16″ Thickness
Available in Chocolate Brown, Tan or Black
Preflexed at 43°
Maximizes comfort and mobility for all activity levels.
Reduces potential breakdown of sleeve at trimline.
Textured Interior
Provides secure grip
Latex-Free Neoprene
Highest quality material is specially coated to resist cracking or crumbling.
Heavy Duty
Strong and durable with excellent stretch for ease of donning/doffing.


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Black, Brown