Ossur Relax Locking Liner



Ossur Relax Locking Liner

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Product Overview
The Relax liner provides a pain-relieving effect from phantom limb pain, phantom limb sensation and idiopathic residual limb pain. This is due to the metallurgical knitted fabric (umbrellan®) in the cover and liner matrix screening against electromagnetic influence.

This interface liner is suitable for below knee (trans-tibial) leg amputees of all mobility classes with either good or poor soft tissue coverage as well as sensitive or diabetic skin. The silicone provides very good cushioning and high comfort. An outer textured cover allows the liner to be fitted and removed easily without the need for time consuming sprays.

Pain relieving effect due to integral electromagnetic shield
Durable textile cover
Proprioceptive 2-zone matrix
Very good cushioning and comfort
Can be used with/without pin adaptor
Supplied with thread cap, silicone adhesive, superglue and washing & drying stand
Available in two wall thicknesses – tapered (3) or uniform (6)
Highest Impact Level – Mobility Level 4
Matrix Lengths – 5 & 10 cm
Sizes Available – 18 – 45 cm
Length of Liner – 39 cm


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