Ossur Dermo Distal Cup



Ossur Dermo Distal Cup

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Product Overview
The Distal Cup is intended for use with Iceross silicone liners with a stabilizing matrix.
Preventing pressure peaks during gait and conforming to uneven surfaces, the Distal Cup is ideal for conical residual limbs with adherent skin, and residual limbs with poor, soft tissue coverage.
The Distal Cup enables the use of standard silicone liners for limbs with an extremely small circumference distally, and it reduces the need for custom-made silicone liners.
Used for conical residual limbs lacking soft tissue coverage and for volume build-up underneath Iceross liner/sockets. The Distal Cup also provides excellent protection for residual limbs with a lot of transplanted or burned skin, preventing unwanted shear of the skin.
Iceross Distal Cup Dermo is available in 13 standard sizes.

To select the correct Distal Cup size, the circumference is measured approximately 4cm above the distal end of the residual limb. Select the Distal Cup two or three sizes smaller than the measurement and roll on.

To select the correct Iceross size to fit over the Distal Cup, the circumference is measured approximately 4cm above the end of the Distal Cup. Select Iceross size as measured or the next size down.


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