Knit-Rite A-Plus Prosthetic Sock



Knit-Rite A-Plus Prosthetic Sock

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Product Overview
The Acrylic Plus Lycra Spandex Prosthetic Sock.
Softness plus stretch means wicking plus conformability.
Easy-care plus long-wear due to the acrylic/Lycra spandex yarn snugs the knit close together
2-ply (green stitching) approximates the thick­ness of a 3-ply wool sock; 3-ply (blue stitching) approximates 5-ply wool and the 4-ply (red stitching) approxi­­mates 6-ply wool.
All A-Plus socks will measure up to 10% less in width so that the size of the A?Plus sock is the same size that patient would wear in a wool sock.
The length measurement is stretched in fleecing and will relax to stated measurement when washed.

HOLE-IN-TOE Prosthetic Sock is made with a distal hole especially for use with pin suspension mechanisms.
The knit construction adds little or no additional distal thickness and eliminates the need for cutting the sock which helps prevent raveling.
The range of thicknesses allows precise fit adjustments with all pin systems.
Stretchy Lycra spandex provides less restricted range-of-motion in Soft-Sock and A-Plus.
Sold each.


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